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The 2022 - 2023 offerings of The Surgery Virtual Certifying Examination (CE) Course are partnering with a ZOOM-type platform to provide an interactive format for participants and our national faculty that will simulate the ABS Virtual Certifying Examination format through March 2023.  This virtual process will still honor the value of individual 1:1 and small group analysis.  The traditional 1:1 pre-course interviews with Dr. Rowland will begin via ZOOM approximately 1 month before the course.  Virtual support options will continue throughout the CE process for each participant.

Please note


This small course is interactive and LIVE.

It is not a pre-recorded webinar.

Our Focus

Real-Time Simulation
of the Virtual ABS Examination
Enhance Testing Skills

All surgeons need to be able to communicate information effectively to their peers, patients, families, and examiners during the formal oral examination process. Learn tips for a  virtual greeting

Digital Recording in 3 rooms/suites with verbal and written debriefings, unlike any other review program

This very small interactive course is designed to enhance the testing skills of surgeons preparing to take the ABS Virtual Certifying Examination through multi-faceted personal interactions with over eight faculty and colleagues

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