"Dr. Rowland - Your course is GOLD.

I would have never passed the VIRTUAL EXAMINATION without learning  what you taught us in the course.

I just didn't realize how important these factors were and nobody else told me how to change them like you did.

Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

KU, MD 2020

Thank you for your effort and support. Now that I got over the shock, disappointment...; now I'm ready to continue to improve and face the test like no other this coming May. 

Looking forward to sending good news then. 

Thank you...


... I passed! – thank you so much!



Dr. Rowland and faculty team;

"...You were all amazing in the VIRTUAL examination.  It was so real and now I know how to practice.  

My study buddies and I are planning to stay connected and focus on the topics weekly until DECEMBER..." 

"We all passed...amazing...we all passed...thank you so much... I will keep working on my sleep deprivation too."

 CB, MD 2020

Hello Dr. Rowland:


I wanted to let you know I passed :) I don't think I would have, without your help. Thank you for everything. It feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder. 

The material you taught was spot on.

Thank You Again,


I passed!!  Many thanks to you and your faculty for a wonderful program.  I will never forget how caring everyone was. 

Great course!


Hi Pam,

I wanted to give you the good news that I passed the Oral Boards.  I know that we did not see eye to eye about some things, but I did learn a lot about myself by taking your course and it helped me a great deal.  I'm sure I would have failed if I had not come to Santa Barbara and postponed my exam. Please pass on my gratitude to the other instructors as well. 

Thank you,


Dr. Rowland,

Thank you very much for putting together a course that was instrumental in passing the General Surgery BOARDS. Not only was the course very helpful, but it allowed me to make connections that were instrumental in preparing to retake the exam. 

I will make sure to promote your course to everyone. Again, thank you, and please thank all those individuals whom graciously volunteered their time to help me succeed.

Lastly, I would be very interested in contributing to the education of others who will be taking the course in the future; if you need any faculty please keep me in mind."



Board certified general surgeon!!!!